Not finding your style?


Not finding your style?


Not seeing a rug that fits your needs? I love to do personal rug sourcing to help you find your dream rug!

This is how it works:

We start with an in-depth conversation about what you want in a rug (size, colors, amount of wear, etc) and also what you don't like in a rug (a certain color you really can't stand or what not). We can do this via Facetime, email, or a phone call. Then, we set a budget based on your needs and you would pay a 50% deposit of said budget plus a sourcing fee, then I would start sourcing specifically for you. When I find a rug based on your needs, I would send you photos and specs. If it's your perfect rug match- then I set you up a reserved listing and you pay the other half of the deposit and I send you the rug! If the rug is not your perfect match- then I just add it to my shop and keep sourcing until we find you your dream rug.

The sourcing fee for rugs under 40 square feet is $150

The sourcing fee for rugs 40-80 square feet is $250.

Please send me an email if you'd like to talk more about this option.



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